Latest projects

  • Tigase IoT Framework (2017-01-25 02:02 PM)

    Tigase IoT Framework was created as an easy to use framework for creation of devices with support for IoT. It started as with support for Raspberry Pi devices but most of it is hardware agnostic and can be used on any platform capable of running Java.

    Project consists of following modules:...

  • Tigase Pi Home (2016-10-25 06:25 AM)

    Tigase PI Home project was created as an example project using Tigase IoT Framework for intelligent home solution based on Raspberry PI (but not only).

  • Tigase RPi Library (2016-09-20 08:01 PM)

    Project for RPi library created specifically for our use at Tigase.

    This is kind of a wrapper over pi4j and wiring low level library. The goal is to expose high level devices and sensors which can be easily used in code and loaded as plugins.

    The library supports directly Raspberry Pi board or GrovePi board as well as Pi2Grover and possibly others in the future. The support for a correct board is turned ON transparently based on what is connected to the RPi. From the developer point of view and from the devices/sensors code point of view it does not matter whether the sensors is connected through GrivePi or directly, the same code and the same addressing should work. A number of devices and sensors are already supported and more will come....

  • JaXMPP Bot Framework (2016-09-03 04:22 AM)
  • Tigase IoT (2016-08-07 11:17 PM)