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Latest projects

  • Tigase TTS-NG (2015-02-24 09:50 AM)
  • Tigase MongoDB support library (2014-08-02 06:25 AM)

    Extension library for Tigase XMPP Server adding support for use MongoDB by Tigase XMPP Server instead of relational database.

    Requires at least MongoDB 2.6.3

  • Tigase HTTP API - Jetty HTTP Server (2014-07-08 07:46 AM)

    Support for Tigase HTTP API project to use Jetty HTTP Server (contains classes depending on Jetty HTTP Server classes)

  • Tigase ALB (2014-05-29 08:40 PM)

    Tigase Advanced Load Balancer

  • Tigase HTTP API Theming Framework (2014-02-28 09:55 AM)

    Project intend to have unified mechanism providing unified look&feel when needed.