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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Due date Estimated time % Done
4605Tigase PubSubTaskNewNormalAdd option to allow node creation only by adminsBartosz Malkowski

4589Tigase JaXMPP Client LibraryBugNewNormalCreate a permanent room, and modify the configuration of the room?Bartosz Malkowski2016-10-07

4588Tigase XMPP ServerBugNewNormalEventbus is single-threadedBartosz Malkowski2016-12-16

4560Tigase Android MessengerBugNewNormalPoor connection error descriptionBartosz Malkowski2016-10-31

4559Tigase Android MessengerFeatureNewNormalFeature for deleting chatBartosz Malkowski2016-10-31

4554Tigase XMPP ServerTaskIn QANormalIssue with removal of bean in TKFBartosz Malkowski2016-09-27

4512Tigase XMPP ServerFeatureNewNormalRegistration improvementsWojciech Kapcia2016-12-1612.00

4501Tigase XMPP ServerFeatureNewVery lowCounterDataFileLogger - limit number of filesWojciech Kapcia2016-11-25

4499Tigase Android MessengerSupportFeedbackNormalcannot createwho says2016-08-31

4496Tigase Socks5 ProxyTaskNewNormalUpdate component to make use of Tigase KernelAndrzej Wójcik

4495Tigase MongoDB support libraryTaskNewNormalAdjust MongoDB support to TKFAndrzej Wójcik2016-10-08

4491Tigase PubSubTaskNewNormalRepository statisticsAndrzej Wójcik2016-12-01

4488Tigase HTTP APITaskNewNormalAdjust installer to work with DSL based configuration file

4487Tigase HTTP APITaskNewNormalAdd HTTP API schema files to installer

4484Tigase XMPP ServerTaskNewNormalRelease 7.1.0Wojciech Kapcia2016-09-23

4458Tigase XMPP ServerFeatureNewNormalXEP-0369: Mediated Information eXchange (MIX)Wojciech Kapcia

4441Tigase XMPP ServerFeatureNewNormalDocker supportWojciech Kapcia2016-09-09

4399Tigase Android Malkowski

4358Tigase XMPP ServerTaskNewNormalMigration of server and it's components to kernel frameworkAndrzej Wójcik2016-10-08

4348Tigase XMPP ServerTaskIn ProgressNormalCheck results of TTS-NG on version 7.2.0Andrzej Wójcik2016-09-30

4335Tigase Android MessengerBugResolvedNormalButterKnife inject fail in fragment David hao2016-07-22

4334Tigase Android MessengerFeatureFeedbackNormaladd emoji for chat messageDavid hao2016-07-20

4321Tigase Android MessengerSupportNewNormalStatus PriorityBartosz Malkowski2016-07-08

4320Tigase Android MessengerSupportNewNormalText FixBartosz Malkowski2016-07-12

4297Tigase XMPP ServerFeatureNewNormalSystemd init scriptWojciech Kapcia2016-09-04

4267Tigase JaXMPP Client LibraryTaskNewNormalPorting changes from #4266 to master branchBartosz Malkowski2016-06-23

4254Tigase XMPP ServerBugIn QAHighUser count/server countEric Dziewa2016-08-19

4210Tigase Android MessengerTaskNewNormalProduce Android Messenger VideoDaniel Wisnewski2016-06-0345.00

4203Tigase Android MessengerSupportFeedbackHighAndroid application documentationBartosz Malkowski2016-07-15

4183Tigase MUCBugResolvedHighMonitored object are not removed from GhostbusterBartosz Malkowski

4167Tigase Android MessengerBugFeedbackNormalApplication crashes when archiving conversationsBartosz Malkowski2016-07-08

4165Tigase Android MessengerBugNewNormalCase sensitive comparison of hex representation of VCard photo hashBartosz Malkowski

4148Tigase MUCFeatureNewNormalConfig option: muc#roomconfig_presencebroadcastBartosz Malkowski2016-05-27

4147Tigase MUCFeatureNewNormalConfig option: muc#roomconfig_allowinvitesBartosz Malkowski2016-06-24

4146Tigase MUCFeatureNewNormalConfig option: muc#roomconfig_getmemberlistBartosz Malkowski2016-06-24

4141Tigase Android MessengerSupportNewNormaltigase-mobilemessenger-3 - Build # 26 - Failure!Bartosz Malkowski2016-05-06

4125Tigase JaXMPP Client LibraryTaskNewNormalImprove handling of changed instances by JaxmppBartosz Malkowski

4104Tigase JaXMPP Client LibraryTaskFeedbackNormalV3.1.0 release documentationBartosz Malkowski2016-04-22

4098Tigase ACSSupportResolvedNormaltigase cluster guide and docsjason liu2016-04-13

4078Tigase Android MessengerTaskIn QANormalTigase Mobile Messenger 3.0 alpha releaseBartosz Malkowski2016-04-07

4076Tigase JaXMPP Client LibraryBugIn QANormalJaxmpp library closes connection just after sending </stream:stream>Bartosz Malkowski

4075Tigase JaXMPP Client LibraryBugNewNormalLearn GWT, Client Library operationDaniel Wisnewski2016-06-30

4074Tigase JaXMPP Client LibraryTaskNewNormalDocumentationDaniel Wisnewski2016-06-30

4067Tigase XMPP ServerBugFeedbackNormalHelloWorld ErrorEric Dziewa2016-08-22

4044Tigase XMPP ServerBugIn QANormalWeb Installer IssuesEric Dziewa

4043Tigase XMPP ServerTaskNewNormalv7.2.0 Patch notes and changesDaniel Wisnewski

4033Tigase XMPP ServerTaskNewNormalAdd support for kernel to unregister all beansBartosz Malkowski

4012Tigase Android MessengerFeatureNewNormalUse Material Design in MessengerBartosz Malkowski

4000Tigase JaXMPP Client LibraryBugIn QANormalUTF support is brokenIgor Kuralenok2016-03-07

3996Tigase MongoDB support libraryTaskNewNormalOptimize search of subnode in UserRepository implementationAndrzej Wójcik2016-11-18

3995Tigase MongoDB support libraryFeatureNewNormalPrepare optimized store for MUC rooms for MongoDBAndrzej Wójcik2016-11-11

3994Tigase MUCFeatureNewNormalNew optimized store for MUC room configurationAndrzej Wójcik2016-10-24

3980Tigase Android MessengerTaskIn ProgressNormalPrepare for release and release Tigase Mobile Messenger 2.0Bartosz Malkowski2016-03-22

3954Tigase XMPP ServerFeatureNewNormalPrint in the logs information that enabled plugin/component is @DeprecatedBartosz Malkowski

3946Tigase XMPP ServerTaskNewNormalWeird issue with EventBus and event serializationBartosz Malkowski

3927Tigase XMPP ServerBugNewNormalTigase V7.2.0 does not setup users properlyBartosz Malkowski2016-03-18

3918Tigase XMPP ServerFeatureNewNormalAdvertise Session Establishment as OptionalWojciech Kapcia2016-08-01

3822Tigase XMPP ServerTaskFeedbackVery lowReturn error if there is listener being added to event which is not thrownBartosz Malkowski2016-06-30

3818Tigase XMPP ServerFeatureNewNormalImplementation of XEP-0033: Extended Stanza AddressingBartosz Malkowski2016-07-01

3801Tigase XMPP ServerTaskNewNormalImprove EventBus implementationAndrzej Wójcik2016-06-3084.00

3789Tigase XMPP ServerBugIn QANormalFail to register to XMPP serviceJanice Leung

3756Tigase XMPP ServerBugIn ProgressNormalInstaller GNU contains unnecessary textArtur Hefczyc2016-04-08

3704Tigase XMPP ServerBugFeedbackNormalfailed to run mvn -Pdist -f modules/master/pom.xml clean installhai hai

3703Tigase XMPP ServerFeatureNewNormalActive Directory (AD) with Kerberos2015-11-23

3631Tigase XMPP ServerBugIn QAHighSSL client certificate authentication no longer workingBartosz Malkowski2016-06-19

3613Tigase XMPP ServerTaskPausedNormalWrite Managing Virtual Domains Using Psi ClientDaniel Wisnewski

3577Tigase XMPP ServerBugNewIf you are really boredScript converter.groovy is invalidEric Dziewa2016-09-30

3531Tigase Android MessengerFeatureNewNormalXEP-0301: In-Band Real Time TextBartosz Malkowski

3490Tigase HTTP APIBugNewLowRoster Items script doesn't return roster itemsAndrzej Wójcik

3444Tigase XMPP ServerFeatureNewLowNo way to create new MUC rooms from admin UIDaniel Wisnewski

3443Tigase MUCFeatureIn QALowScript to create new MUC/remove MUC from web UIDaniel Wisnewski2016-09-30

3411Tigase.IM Web ClientBugNewIf you are really boredChange "Bosh URL"Andrzej Wójcik

3410Tigase.IM Web ClientFeatureNewLowInformation about connected resourcesAndrzej Wójcik

3402Tigase XMPP ServerBugNewLowVHosts are not stored to repositoryWojciech Kapcia

3390Tigase XMPP ServerFeatureNewNormalPer user logging enhancementsWojciech Kapcia

3367Tigase MonitorFeatureNewNormalSave more complete set of screenshots and dataWojciech Kapcia

3333Tigase XMPP ServerFeatureFeedbackHighsupport authentication against diasporaBartosz Malkowski2016-06-3072.00

3256Tigase XMPP ServerBugNewHigharchive message mysql schemaSlava Bendersky

3136Tigase TTS-NGFeatureNewNormalBootstrap server for testsWojciech Kapcia

3070Tigase MonitorBugNewNormalTigase Monitor doesn't work with JMX in readonly modeWojciech Kapcia

3056Tigase JaXMPP Client LibraryBugIn QANormalTigase 3 is not formatting the Stanzas asStringCorrectlyPablo Gomez2015-05-31

3055Tigase JaXMPP Client LibraryBugIn QANormalCannot access Message Carbons on Tigase 3Pablo Gomez2015-05-31

3054Tigase JaXMPP Client LibraryBugIn QANormalNPE using websocket on Tigase Client 3Pablo Gomez2015-05-22

3051Tigase MUCBugNewNormalHandling of incomming presence with from=bareJIDBartosz Malkowski

3041Tigase MUCBugNewNormalFailure in Tigase after database disconnectBartosz Malkowski2016-06-01

3039Tigase XMPP ServerBugFeedbackHighunified archiveSilvia Restelli

2998Tigase XMPP ServerTaskFeedbackNormalCustomized parameters in the MUC messagestephen zhang

2995Tigase PubSubTaskFeedbackHighDoes tigase server provide any kind of aggregation from presence from multiple devices ?Silvia Restelli

2984Tigase XMPP ServerTaskNewHighTigase Component Framework - documentationBartosz Malkowski

2861Tigase MUCTaskNewNormalMUC startup optimizationBartosz Malkowski2016-03-15

2756Tigase MUCBugNewNormalNPE in PresenceModuleImpl if ghostbuster is disabledBartosz Malkowski

2749Tigase JaXMPP Client LibrarySupportResolvedNormaltigase-jaxmpp2 - Build # 868 - Failure!Artur Hefczyc

2746Tigase.IM Web ClientSupportResolvedNormalprivate-tigase-sureim - Build # 133 - Failure!Artur Hefczyc

2654Tigase.IM Web ClientFeatureNewNormalImprove DNS resolution for local addressesAndrzej Wójcik2016-11-24

2520Tigase XMPP ServerFeatureNewNormalInclude diget-md5 in possible sasl mechanismBartosz Malkowski

2487Tigase PubSubBugNewNormalLost PubSub node after restart but it is still in the databaseBartosz Malkowski2016-03-31

2440Tigase XMPP ServerBugNewNormalPlease help me regarding this patch Mathan

2436Tigase XMPP ServerBugFeedbackHighProblem with deploying certificates on Tigase serverHarish Raut

2432Tigase XMPP ServerBugFeedbackNormalConfigSQLRepository store duplicate key in table tigase_configurationBartosz Malkowski2016-03-31

2427Tigase XMPP ServerFeatureIn QANormalConfiguring the number of messages before requesting an acknowledgementziv br2014-12-31

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