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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Estimated time % Done
6110Tigase iOS MessengerTaskNewNormalReview concurrency and threading of database access layerAndrzej Wójcik

6109Tigase XMPP ServerTaskNewNormalRun tigase against profiler before releasing next final versionWojciech Kapcia

6103Tigase XMPP ServerBugIn QANormalPossible memory leak in RosterElementWojciech Kapcia

6101Tigase iOS MessengerBugIn ProgressNormalChats with different content displayed separately on Recent list for the same contact/accountAndrzej Wójcik

6091Tigase STUNTaskNewNormalAdd STUN documentationDaniel Wisnewski

6090Tigase iOS MessengerFeatureIn QANormalAdd support for copying a message textWojciech Kapcia

6069Tigase iOS MessengerBugFeedbackNormalRoster push is not handledAndrzej Wójcik

6067Tigase TTS-NGTaskNewNormalTTS results are hugeWojciech Kapcia

6062XMPP Tigase.IM ServiceSupportIn ProgressNormalUpgrade installationWojciech Kapcia

6056Tigase XMPP ServerTaskNewNormalDataflow inside Tigase. Scalable architecture example.Daniel Wisnewski

6036Workgroup Queues ComponentSupportNewNormalWorkgroup Queues Component Missing Artifacts from Maven RepoDaniel Wisnewski

6034Tigase iOS MessengerBugFeedbackNormalNo log / troubleshootingDaniel Wisnewski

6033Tigase iOS MessengerFeatureIn QANormalSeparation of contacts from accountsWojciech Kapcia

5979Tigase XMPP ServerBugFeedbackNormalCannot re-join MUC room after network reconnectPetro Zdeb

5961Tigase iOS MessengerTaskIn ProgressNormalTestFlight and preparations for version 2.0Artur Hefczyc

5951Tigase Android MessengerFeatureNewNormalAdd support for sending files/media using XEP-0363: HTTP File UploadBartosz Malkowski

5863Tigase XMPP ServerBugIn QANormalAdHoc script for adding SSL certificates failsBartosz Malkowski

5858Tigase XMPP ServerBugFeedbackNormalCan't build tigase serverIldar Zaripov

5853Tigase.IM Web ClientBugResolvedNormalprivate-tigase-sureim - Build # 1016 - Failure!Wojciech Kapcia

5833Tigase XMPP ServerTaskNewNormalUse Bouncycastle for StartTLSBartosz Malkowski

5809Tigase Android MessengerBugNewLowAnimations are offBartosz Malkowski

5807Tigase Android MessengerBugNewNormalMessages "normal" are not showing on the deviceBartosz Malkowski

5806Tigase Android MessengerBugNewNormalCrash on device orientation change in account propertiesBartosz Malkowski

5804Tigase Android MessengerFeatureResolvedNormalAdd message synchronizationBartosz Malkowski

5752XMPP Tigase.IM ServiceTaskNewNormalDeploy Push Component on tigase.imAndrzej Wójcik

5749Tigase Android MessengerBugFeedbackNormalCannot login to, says incorrect password, even though password is correctBartosz Malkowski

5715Tigase MUCFeatureIn ProgressNormalAllow to disable welcome messagesBartosz Malkowski

5687Tigase XMPP ServerTaskIn ProgressHighStrip Documentation of old configurationDaniel Wisnewski

5666Tigase MUCFeatureResolvedNormalExtended retrieving member list Bartosz Malkowski

5652Tigase MUCFeatureResolvedNormalImplementation muc#roomconfig_allowinvitesBartosz Malkowski

5650Tigase Android MessengerBugNewNormalStatus does not update when receiving <unavailable>Bartosz Malkowski

5615Tigase HTTP API Theming FrameworkTaskNewNormalmavenize project and pack resources Wojciech Kapcia

5593Tigase XMPP ServerTaskNewNormalShutdown script adjustmentAndrzej Wójcik

5550Tigase Android MessengerTaskNewLowRe-write Android Client DocumentationDaniel Wisnewski

5547Tigase XMPP ServerBugNewNormala problem about xep-0128Bartosz Malkowski

5540XMPP Tigase.IM ServiceTaskPausedLowAccounts migration from domain to jabber.todayEric Dziewa

5511Tigase XMPP ServerTaskNewLowSeperate Component-based statisticsDaniel Wisnewski

5500Tigase XMPP ServerBugNewNormalUserRepository caches force synchronization even if caching is disabledAndrzej Wójcik

5489Tigase XMPP ServerFeatureNewNormalReconfiguring server during run-timeAndrzej Wójcik

5488Tigase XMPP ServerFeatureNewNormalRetrieve server configuration ad-hocAndrzej Wójcik

5453Tigase XMPP ServerTaskNewNormalWrite Managing Virtual Domains Using Tigase Web ClientDaniel Wisnewski

5431Tigase XMPP ServerFeatureNewNormalAutomatic provisioning installation with Let's Encrypt certificatesWojciech Kapcia

5398Tigase XMPP ServerTaskNewNormalRestyle documentation Wojciech Kapcia

5381Tigase XMPP ServerFeatureNewNormalhsqldb supportWojciech Kapcia

5251Tigase PubSubTaskNewNormalCompare performance of old database access mechanism and new oneAndrzej Wójcik

5249Tigase PubSubTaskNewNormalAdd asynchronous access to databaseAndrzej Wójcik

5248Tigase XMPP ServerTaskNewNormalAdd support for asynchronous execution of database queriesAndrzej Wójcik

5215Tigase XMPP ServerFeatureNewNormalLimit number of messages that are stored in DB per user within a period of timeAndrzej Wójcik

5132Tigase XMPP ServerFeatureNewNormalStrict checking of IQ typeArtur Hefczyc

5111Tigase UtilsTaskNewVery lowBasic documentationWojciech Kapcia

5077Tigase XMPP ServerBugNewNormalExternal component announce required StartTLS but it's not enforced.Wojciech Kapcia

5067Tigase XMPP ServerBugNewHighDBInitException: init jdbc connection failedboscattle jiang

5058Tigase XMPP ServerTaskFeedbackNormalReview and improve documentation configurationDaniel Wisnewski

5039Tigase IoTSupportNewNormalProduce IoT Framework VideoDaniel Wisnewski

4872JaXMPP Bot FrameworkTaskNewNormalNew Project DocumentationBartosz Malkowski

4836Tigase XMPP ServerTaskNewLow@shutdownTigase()@ error should be printed at the very endWojciech Kapcia

4828JaXMPP Bot FrameworkBugFeedbackHighadmins property no longer recognizedBartosz Malkowski

4817Tigase PubSubTaskNewNormalRSM and jabber:search for pubsub discoveryAndrzej Wójcik

4814Tigase XMPP ServerTaskIn ProgressNormalDisable SASL-SCRAM if passwords in database are encodedBartosz Malkowski

4809Tigase XMPP ServerTaskNewNormalFurther improvements to statisticsWojciech Kapcia

4803Tigase XMPP ServerPatchResolvedLowGenerate test jar for projects using Tigase test classesDaniele Ricci

4757Tigase MonitorTaskNewNormalJVM tasksWojciech Kapcia

4755Tigase XMPP ServerTaskNewNormalEnahnce statisticsWojciech Kapcia

4693Tigase XMPP ServerTaskNewNormalSplit VHosts to be stored separatelyWojciech Kapcia

4674JaXMPP Bot FrameworkTaskIn ProgressNormalSupport for PubSub

4609JaXMPP Bot FrameworkBugFeedbackNormalAuthentication exceptionsBartosz Malkowski

4605Tigase PubSubTaskNewNormalAdd option to allow node creation only by adminsBartosz Malkowski

4594JaXMPP Bot FrameworkBugNewNormalThe bot should not depend on the Tigase XMPP Server projectBartosz Malkowski

4589Tigase JaXMPP Client LibraryBugNewNormalCreate a permanent room, and modify the configuration of the room?Bartosz Malkowski

4560Tigase Android MessengerBugNewNormalPoor connection error descriptionBartosz Malkowski

4559Tigase Android MessengerFeatureNewNormalFeature for deleting chatBartosz Malkowski

4549JaXMPP Bot FrameworkTaskNewNormalBasic Bot Framework implementationBartosz Malkowski

4512Tigase XMPP ServerFeatureNewNormalRegistration improvementsWojciech Kapcia

4501Tigase XMPP ServerFeatureNewVery lowCounterDataFileLogger - limit number of filesWojciech Kapcia

4499Tigase Android MessengerSupportFeedbackNormalcannot createwho says

4458Tigase XMPP ServerFeatureNewNormalXEP-0369: Mediated Information eXchange (MIX)Wojciech Kapcia

4399Tigase Android Malkowski

4334Tigase Android MessengerFeatureFeedbackNormaladd emoji for chat messageDavid hao

4321Tigase Android MessengerSupportIn QANormalStatus PriorityDaniel Wisnewski

4297Tigase XMPP ServerFeatureNewNormalSystemd init scriptEric Dziewa

4267Tigase JaXMPP Client LibraryTaskNewNormalPorting changes from #4266 to master branchBartosz Malkowski

4212Tigase XMPP ServerTaskNewNormalFlatten schema fileWojciech Kapcia

4210Tigase Android MessengerTaskNewNormalProduce Android Messenger VideoDaniel Wisnewski

4183Tigase MUCBugResolvedHighMonitored object are not removed from GhostbusterBartosz Malkowski

4165Tigase Android MessengerBugNewNormalCase sensitive comparison of hex representation of VCard photo hashBartosz Malkowski

4148Tigase MUCFeatureNewNormalConfig option: muc#roomconfig_presencebroadcastBartosz Malkowski

4147Tigase MUCFeatureNewNormalConfig option: muc#roomconfig_allowinvitesBartosz Malkowski

4146Tigase MUCFeatureNewNormalConfig option: muc#roomconfig_getmemberlistBartosz Malkowski

4141Tigase Android MessengerSupportNewNormaltigase-mobilemessenger-3 - Build # 26 - Failure!Bartosz Malkowski

4125Tigase JaXMPP Client LibraryTaskNewNormalImprove handling of changed instances by JaxmppBartosz Malkowski

4104Tigase JaXMPP Client LibraryTaskFeedbackNormalV3.1.0 release documentationBartosz Malkowski

4078Tigase Android MessengerTaskIn QANormalTigase Mobile Messenger 3.0 alpha releaseBartosz Malkowski

4075Tigase JaXMPP Client LibraryBugNewNormalLearn GWT, Client Library operationDaniel Wisnewski

4074Tigase JaXMPP Client LibraryTaskNewNormalDocumentationDaniel Wisnewski

4044Tigase XMPP ServerBugIn QANormalWeb Installer IssuesEric Dziewa

4033Tigase XMPP ServerTaskNewNormalAdd support for kernel to unregister all beansBartosz Malkowski

4000Tigase JaXMPP Client LibraryBugIn QANormalUTF support is brokenIgor Kuralenok

3954Tigase XMPP ServerFeatureNewNormalPrint in the logs information that enabled plugin/component is @DeprecatedBartosz Malkowski

3818Tigase XMPP ServerFeatureNewNormalImplementation of XEP-0033: Extended Stanza AddressingBartosz Malkowski

3789Tigase XMPP ServerBugIn QANormalFail to register to XMPP serviceJanice Leung

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