• Drupal integration

    Code for Tigase - Drupal integration

  • Tigase ACS

    Tigase Advanced Clustering Strategy

    This is a collection of components providing advanced clustering capabilities for clustering, especially for large scale installations of 1 million or more online users.

  • Tigase ALB

    Tigase Advanced Load Balancer

  • Tigase Android Messenger

    Tigase Android Messenger
    This code is on AGPL licence.

    • Tigase IoT Framework

      Tigase IoT Framework was created as an easy to use framework for creation of devices with support for IoT. It started as with support for Raspberry Pi devices but most of it is hardware agnostic and can be used on any platform capable of running Java.

      Project consists of following modules:...

    • Tigase Pi Home

      Tigase PI Home project was created as an example project using Tigase IoT Framework for intelligent home solution based on Raspberry PI (but not only).

    • Tigase RPi Library

      Project for RPi library created specifically for our use at Tigase.

      This is kind of a wrapper over pi4j and wiring low level library. The goal is to expose high level devices and sensors which can be easily used in code and loaded as plugins.

      The library supports directly Raspberry Pi board or GrovePi board as well as Pi2Grover and possibly others in the future. The support for a correct board is turned ON transparently based on what is connected to the RPi. From the developer point of view and from the devices/sensors code point of view it does not matter whether the sensors is connected through GrivePi or directly, the same code and the same addressing should work. A number of devices and sensors are already supported and more will come....

  • Tigase JaXMPP Client Library

    This is Java library for client side programming for XMPP. The library is available under a dual license GPLv3 and commercial.

    This is universal library which allows to create different kind of clients:
    1. Of course stand-alone Java clients are possible, however, we do not have any example yet...
  • Tigase Monitor

    Tigase Server Management Console (Monitor)

    Project for the stand-alone application for the Tigase XMPP Server monitoring and management console.

  • Tigase HTTP API

    This is yet another interface for the Tigase XMPP Server for the service administration, monitoring and exchange data between Tigase and external system.
    With this component you have another protocol to connect to Tigase on top of built-in XMPP and JMX.

  • Tigase Message Archiving

    Component for the Tigase XMPP Server as the server component, implementing Message Archiving based on XEP-0136

  • Tigase Socks5 Proxy
    Socks5 Proxy implementation as the Tigase XMPP Server component. It offer number of special features such as:
    1. transfer limits per user, per domain, global limit
    2. recording users transfers
    3. transfer quotas
    4. transfer credits
  • Tigase STUN

    Project for STUN implementation as the Tigase XMPP Server component. Even though it can be deployed independently from the XMPP server, it uses Tigase XMPP Server API and all framework.
    Please note, it requires 2 public IPs to function properly.

  • Tigase XMPP Server

    Tigase XMPP Server.

    Please use our online forums for support requests.
    1. Installation and maintenance
    2. API and development
    • Tigase MongoDB support library

      Extension library for Tigase XMPP Server adding support for use MongoDB by Tigase XMPP Server instead of relational database.

      Requires at least MongoDB 2.6.3

  • Tigase Sync Box

    This is going to be an alternative to Dropbox, SpiderOak and other similar products.

    More secure, more reliable more flexible and more everything. We are working on ideas right now. Nobody has time to do anything except throwing ideas but this is good enough for now. At least we will know what we want....

  • Tigase Testsuite

    Test suite for testing Jabber/XMPP servers in Java.

  • Tigase Utils

    Utility classes which can be used outside of the Tigase server project.

  • Tigase Web Messenger

    This project is for full featured Web client development.

    Unlike the Minichat, the Messenger client aims to fully support XMPP protocol and all useful extenstions (XEPs).

    Like the Minichat client it is AJAX application developed using GWT framework and base on the jaxmpp2 library...

  • Tigase XMLTools

    Tigase XML Tools used for fast and low resource XML parsing.

  • Tigase XMPP Server Command Line Management Tool

    Command line application for (Tigase) XMPP Server. As the main interface connecting to a remote XMPP server is, to our big surprise XMPP protocol and more specifically XEP-0133
    Although, specifically for Tigase other ways might be possible in the future....

  • Tigase.IM Web Client

    Web client available on website.

    Please use our online forums for support requests.
    1. Technical discussion

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