Rules and etiquette for Tigase projects website

Please follow these rules while using and browsing the pages.

1. If you wish to post tickets, fixes, or on the forums, we suggest you register an account with to help both you and us keep track of your questions, comments, or submissions.

2. Please keep conversations within relevant locations inside the site. For example, if you are asking a question about setting up Tigase XMPP Server, you would post your question on the forums under Installation and Maintenance. If you wish to report a bug that arises while using tigase HTTP API, you would make a new bug ticket on the HTTP API project page. If you are a customer and have issues relating to extensions or custom components, please make posts or tickets in your company project section. A list of common pages is listed below.

3. Please remember that posts on our Forums will be answered when one of our team can address them. We offer the forums as a free service to Tigase users, however we can make no guarantees.

4. Please search forums or tickets to see if your issue or question has been made to avoid duplication.

5. DO NOT duplicate issues from the forums to tickets unless asked to do so. They will be rejected, and your account may be disabled if you abuse this rule.

6. Be courteous and respectful of all posters. Tigase is an open source project and as such is the effort of many people, not just those of the Tigase Team. The person who is assisting you may have written the code you are having problems with!

7. Close issues that are no longer relevant. If an issue has been resolved, or has been assigned back to you for feedback, please test and close it if it is fixed. Please do not leave tickets open for extended periods of time.

8. If working with tickets, please use appropriate status when making them, here is a general breakdown:

New: Ticket is just created.

Pending Approval: Ticket requires approval by account manager to approve work.

Approved: Ticket and related work is approved to begin work.

In Progress: Ticket is being worked on by the assignee.

In QA: Ticket is undergoing testing to see if issue is resolved or feature is functioning properly.

Resolved: Setting is used if issue is fixed, or feature is working correctly after QA stage. This may be used for comments or small changes.

Feedback: Used for post-commit back and forth or related questions.

Paused: Ticket is put on pause, for lower priority, work to be done later, or work is requested to cease for forthcoming changes.

Closed: Ticket is closed and all outstanding issues related to are now resolved. Tickets should not leave closed state if future issues arise as they may not be related to original issue. If they are, it is best to create a 'related to' link to reference the original issue.

Rejected: Ticket should be ignored; issue is duplicated, issue is resolved, or it may have been a user error.

Our Main Public Projects

The list of projects and associated pages are here:

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Tigase Android Messenger
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Tigase iOS Messenger
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Tigase ACS
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Tigase ALB

Tigase HTTP API Forums

Tigase MUC
Tigase MUC Forums

Tigase PubSub
Tigase PubSub Forums


Tigase XMLTools

Tigase JaXMPP Client Library
Tigase JaXMPP Client Forums

Tigase Utils

Tigase Socks5 Proxy
Tigase Socks 5 Proxy Forum

Tigase STUN
Tigase STUN Server Forums

Tigase Testsuite
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