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01:13 PM Tigase XMPP Server Task #6109 (New): Run tigase against profiler before releasing next final version
Just to make sure there are no bottlenecks/memory leaks run Tigase under profiler.
10:53 AM Tigase HTTP API Technical discussion: RE: Compiling / installing HTTP API
How did you run the server? From the resulting distribution packages (in @pack/@ directory) or simply running compile...


12:36 PM Tigase XMPP Server Installation and maintenance: RE: XMPP server is not working on IP
praveen kumar wrote:
> my XMPP is setup on localhost.If I create a user using service as test1@localhost i...
12:33 PM Tigase XMPP Server API and development: RE: Some warnings when enable Clustering on Tigase 7.2.0-SNAPSHOT servers?
Wei Sun wrote:
> My exactly version of tigase-server is 9908af23d8ab8f7b186a5b52fed11d922944e24e.
> my init.propert...
12:31 PM Tigase XMPP Server API and development: RE: List of loaded plugins.
Dymytrii Hurin wrote:
> Hi there, I'm trying to find which plugins are loaded by server. Currently, I find this list...
12:26 PM Tigase STUN Technical discussion: RE: pls could u show the example for stun configuration?
The example configuration is available in the Wiki:
12:25 PM Tigase XMPP Server Installation and maintenance: RE: Tigase server communicating with mongo DB installation
Aniketh R Jain wrote:
> * The issue I face now is if i change the virt-hosts to something else, it tells "
12:12 PM Tigase XMPP Server Bug #6083 (Closed): You've tried using Clustered version of the component but cluster-mode is dis...
Works. Thank you.


06:11 PM Tigase XMPP Server Bug #6078 (Closed): ClusterConnectionManager uses default elements_number_limit
05:59 PM Tigase iOS Messenger Bug #6069 (Feedback): Roster push is not handled
First of all - please reassign issues for QA when they are present in the available build so I would know that I can ...

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