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08:29 AM Tigase TTS-NG Feature #3136 (In Progress): Bootstrap server for tests
Status transition applied automatically due to the start of a time tracker.


06:48 PM Tigase XMPP Server Task #5398 (New): Restyle documentation
To be more in line with
HTML and HTML-chunked versions.
06:46 PM Tigase XMPP Server Task #5397 (New): Remove webhelp documentation type
Generating it takes ages and based on statistics there not that many people using it.
06:43 PM Tigase XMPP Server Feature #1477: Exposing statistics from DB layer from Tigase - Monitored Methods
Daniel Wisnewski wrote:
> Fixed the chapter names to prevent doubling of Appendix I.
From the source it looks fix...
06:31 PM Tigase XMPP Server Task #5393 (Feedback): APP and Database servers need SSL CERT renew
For general questions please create a topic in the forums section!
No, we don't - this is a role of Certif...
06:03 PM Tigase Testsuite Task #4874 (Resolved): Update TTS server configuration
After more investigation majority of the problems are not related to the configuration itself, but rather other chang...
05:47 PM Tigase Message Archiving Bug #5395 (In QA): MA fails with Derby
Schema import is correct, but server shutdowns completely due to exception in MA...
05:45 PM Tigase XMPP Server Bug #5394 (In QA): Loading main Derby schema throws exception
05:37 PM Tigase XMPP Server Task #5150 (Feedback): Adjust naming of cluster_nodes table
Derby is missing actually… Yes, I know it's completely bonkers to use Derby in such configuration, but AFAIR by defau...
04:37 PM Tigase Message Archiving Support #5391 (In QA): message-archiving-schema-1.3.0 doesn't work for SQL Server
Relevant part:...

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