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06:06 PM Tigase Message Archiving Support #5826 (Closed): tigase-message-archiving - Build # 1730 - Failure!
Sintle time
10:55 AM Tigase XMPP Server Task #5834 (New): Repositories/DataSource guide refinments
As I was working some more with repositories I've found on that "7. Component Development":


11:07 AM Tigase XMPP Server Bug #5831 (In QA): OOM after startup

On commit: 498191e6b8502095d5d1cf08fdf9606f9bc1e718 after a couple of minutes after starting up the server I get fo...


04:57 PM Tigase XMPP Server Installation and maintenance: RE: Can't load schema: Invalid default value for 'last_login'
This is a known issue (#4878) and was fixed in version 7.1.1 (currently in nightly builds - you can get it from http:...
04:53 PM Tigase PubSub Technical discussion: RE: pubsub rest api can work in cluster ?
Yes, pubsub API works in the cluster mode, but you must use it together with Advanced Clustering Strategy (Tigase ACS...
04:52 PM Tigase XMPP Server API and development: RE: problem with BOSH HTTP Pre-Binding
To what endpoint are you making the request? Could you share full exchange?


01:37 PM Tigase XMPP Server Task #5710 (Feedback): Different extension to the configuration file
Still happening.
I'm on the latest sources:...
01:21 PM Tigase XMPP Server Bug #5819 (Rejected): strophe https can't connect to the server
For general support question please use Forum Boards.


06:57 PM Tigase Android Messenger Bug #5739 (Closed): Can't log-in with short password
06:55 PM Tigase Android Messenger Bug #5809 (New): Animations are off
I know this is probably my weird OCD buuut:
* tap on hamburger menu, then settings
* new screen moves from the righ...

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